Mount Pinatubo crater lake

2024 Guide to Mount Pinatubo Tours - Tourist Attraction in Zambales via Capas, Tarlac

The Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 is the world's largest eruption in 100 years. This is the reason why Mount Pinatubo is a popular tourist spot. Many asks how to go to Mt Pinatubo from Manila, Pampanga and DIY, you can continue reading or click the linked blog post.

How many tourists visit Mount Pinatubo?

In December 2023, the number of tourists on a weekend reached 400 or 120 4x4 jeeps.

Tourists visit Mt Pinatubo crater view deck

How long is Mt. Pinatubo tour?

If you are looking for Mount Pinatubo tour from Clark Pampanga and as day trips from Angeles City Philippines, the Pinatubo tour itinerary is 1 hour to Tarlac jump-off by van. If you are in a place to visit in Manila, it is 2 hours via NLEX. Register and sign a waiver at Capas Tourism Office then wait for the dispatcher to assign your tour guide and 4x4. This takes around 20 minutes.

4x4 jeep ride at Capas trail going to Mt Pinatubo

Ride the 4x4 jeep for 1 hour and stop over at Toblerone Hills for some pictures and pee break. Ride the 4x4 jeep for another 30 minutes to reach 'quadra' or the 4x4 parking area. From there, trekking Pinatubo for 4 kilometers is about 1 hour of walking. See Pinatubo tour itinerary for more details.

How long is Mt. Pinatubo tour - trekking Pinatubo for 1 hour

How much does Mt. Pinatubo cost?

If you ask a DOT-Accredited Pampanga Travel and Tours agency, DIY Mt. Pinatubo trips cost P2,400 per pax for a group of 4 at the jump-off. If you want day tour from Clark, the tour price is P3,500 per pax for a group of 4. See Mt Pinatubo Tour package 2024 for more details or see Mt Pinatubo 4x4 tour for joiners if you are a solo traveler or on a budget.

What is the best month to hike Mount Pinatubo?
The best months to hike is from December to May. The crater lake's color is blue green and sometimes you get to see reflective mirror lake.
Mount Pinatubo view deck with reflection mirror crater lake

What should I wear to Mt. Pinatubo hike?

Wear comfortable clothes, durable shoes or sandals. Bring tube mask or large handkerchief to cover your face and hair as it gets dusty on the 4x4 jeep ride back.

How to book Pinatubo tour?

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Yes Jai, additional P550 per 4×4 own vehicle on top of tour package

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